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Oaxaca, Mexico

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Oaxaca, Mexico

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About the project

Centro oaxaqueño de rehabilitación de audición y lenguaje (CORAL) is a non-profit organization established in 1989, dedicated to the clinical and therapeutic treatment of people of all ages with hearing loss in the urban and rural areas of the State of Oaxaca in Mexico. Prevention and early detection of hearing loss, hearing and language therapy, teaching, and social work are core activities of the organization. HTWF has been cooperating with CORAL since 2012. The organization has 12 team members and one volunteer. 


The project aims for children with hearing loss under ten years to gain access to hearing health services and increase their hearing, speech, and communication abilities, resulting in better social inclusion and quality of life in the long run. 


The project covers the whole care continuum (screenings, diagnostics, fitting, auditory habilitation, family support, capacity building for local teams) to ensure consistent support. The local team also collaborates with public and private clinics and various other organizations such as municipality authorities and other NGOs to promote regular screenings and long-term care for children under six. 

Project objectives

Provision of holistic audiological care 

Promotion of speech and communications skills 

Capacity building, training and knowledge sharing

Impact and achievements

CORAL successfully serviced 50 rural and peri-urban communities to raise awareness about hearing health, reaching over 1,600 people despite the pandemic. They also motivated parents to use digital learning tools to engage their children in speech training when face-to-face sessions were not possible. 


Key achievements in 2021/22: 

children screened

people trained