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Can Tho, Vietnam

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Can Tho, Vietnam

Project partner

Can Tho ENT Hospital

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About the project

Can Tho ENT Hospital, located in the Mekong Delta, offers audiological care to children from low-income families. This includes hearing loss assessment, provision of hearing aids, follow-up care, and speech therapy. The team from Can Tho also takes care of the children attending the school for children with hearing loss in Rach Gia, a four-hour drive away. HTWF has been supporting the project since 2018.


In Can Tho, four employees supervise the project. They focus on auditory-verbal therapy to help children fitted with hearing aids develop listening and speaking skills rather than relying on sign language, attend mainstream school, and be socially integrated.

Project objectives

Audiological treatment


Speech therapy

Impact and achievements

In 2021, Vietnam was heavily affected by the pandemic and lockdowns restricted travel between provinces most of the time. The team of Can Tho was unable to visit the school in Rach Gia. In Can Tho, families were no longer allowed to visit the ENT hospital, which prevented the children from attending their auditory-verbal therapy in person. The team tried to stay in touch by regular phone and video calls to check on their patients. 


Over the past two years, the audiology department at the ENT hospital in Can Tho has developed into a renowned institution for children with hearing loss, due to the quality of care provided.


Key achievements in 2021/22: 

children fitted

people trained