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N'Djamena, Chad

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N'Djamena, Chad

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About the project

Écoute-moi! was founded in Switzerland in 2019 and partners closely with a school for children with hearing loss (EETS) in N’Djamena. HTWF has supported the organization since its beginnings. In Switzerland, five volunteers are in charge of the project, while in N’Djamena there are three employees. They equip students with hearing aids and perform audiological assessments.


They focus on training to build local capacity and fill the gap in audiological expertise and hearing care services in Chad. This approach has already proven its relevance during the pandemic. The local staff was able to continue offering audiological services to the children of EETS, with remote support from the Swiss team. 

Project objectives

Provision of hearing aids and support for children with hearing loss in N'Djamena

Education and continuous training of audiologists on site

Establishment of an audiometry room 


Impact and achievements

Despite political riots and uncertainties, the Swiss team continued to train local people on site in performing audiological assessments and fitting hearing aids. They were able to build a second audiometric room in the city center, at an ENT doctor’s practice. 


Key achievements in 2021/22: 

children fitted

people trained