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San Salvador, El Salvador

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San Salvador, El Salvador

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About the project

La Fundación Su Niño No Puede Esperar (FUSNINPE) is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 that aims to provide hearing care to all children in El Salvador. They organize training opportunities for professionals and local campaigns to inform about hearing loss, and it actively screens children in rural communities. 


HTWF has been supporting FUSNINPE since 2020, operating mainly in the capital of San Salvador with five team members and six volunteers. FUSNINPE aims to become a referral pediatric audiological care center for physicians from government institutions in El Salvador which includes different services and activities for children with hearing loss from low-income families. 


The organization is the only provider of audiological services to low-income communities in the country. The team collaborates with neonatology staff at hospitals to increase impact by conducting newborn hearing screenings. In the absence of a public prevention program, they also campaign to improve accessibility to educational material for caregivers. 

Project objectives

Provision of holistic audiological care 

Prevention campaigns and family support

Training and upskilling for professionals and communities

Impact and achievements

The project successfully built close collaborations with various organizations to extend screening efforts for children. They also invested in establishing a family education and support group where they were able to reach more caregivers and increase their participation rate. In addition, they were able to enhance interaction on social media with families and health care professionals, raising awareness for hearing health and fostering exchange.  


Key achievements in 2021/22: 

children screened

children fitted

people trained