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Hyderabad, India

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Hyderabad, India

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About the project

In 2004, SAHI was established as an NGO by a group of doctors, audiologists, rehabilitation specialists, and social workers helping Indian children with hearing loss. HTWF has been supporting SAHI in realizing the project “A Deaf Free Andhra Pradesh” since 2021. In the region, all children with hearing loss are to be treated. We are helping the project team set up a newborn screening program, a diagnosis and rehabilitation center (Center of Excellence), and donating hearing aids. A particular focus is on girls, who often receive secondary treatment in India. In Hyderabad, ten employees and six volunteers oversee the project.


The project covers the entire care continuum. It focuses on early intervention by performing hearing screenings. The Center of Excellence (CoE) will provide full audiological assessment and fit children with hearing aids. Sustainability is ensured by follow-up care with quality rehabilitation to improve outcomes and document them. The CoE will also focus on providing training, best practices, and resources for the various teams while collecting data and lessons learned from all hearing centers across India.

Project objectives

Establish newborn hearing screening in Andhra Pradesh

Establish Center of Excellence to ensure sustainable care 

Gender equity initiative to ensure that all girls diagnosed get hearing aids 

Impact and achievements

The SAHI-team has started their newborn hearing screening program in Hyderabad and already identified and fitted hearing aid beneficiaries. The focus of 2021 was on starting to build the Center of Excellence to provide holistic care with high-quality audiological treatments. 


Key achievements in 2021/22: 

children screened

children fitted

people trained