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Lilongwe, Malawi

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Lilongwe, Malawi

Project partner

Ears Inc. 

Funding period

2011-2016 & 2017-2023

Technology Funding Expertise

About the project

Ears Inc. is an Australian non-profit organization that has been working to provide audiological care in Malawi since 2010. They initially collaborated with the ABC Community Clinic in Lilongwe, and in 2014 opened the ABC Hearing Clinic and Training Centre. They also introduced the first Bachelor of Science in audiology in Malawi at the African Bible College. Since 2011, HTWF has been supporting the team with funds and expertise to enable the training of audiology students.


The goal of the Bachelor's program is to achieve self-sustaining audiology services in Malawi by fostering and educating Malawian audiologists. In addition, students receive support in obtaining higher graduate degrees from other countries, which in turn enables them to become educators themselves and continue the process of training audiology students in the country. In addition, the local team works closely with the Ministry of Health to create jobs for trained audiologists.

Project objectives

Education and training of Malawian audiologists

Establishment of newborn hearing screening

Screenings in Lilongwe, in central and northern Malawi

Impact and achievements

In June 2021, the first ten students graduated with a Bachelor of Science in audiology and became the first Malawian audiologists certified in the country. Eighteen more students are currently enrolled in the Bachelor's program and training to become audiologists for Malawi.


Key achievements in 2021/22: 

children and adults screened

children and adults fitted

people trained