Skill-based support

Hear the World Foundation has a global volunteering program, with Sonova Group employees and selected external experts supporting our work and our project partners worldwide. In 2021/22, 36 volunteers contributed remotely and on-site with knowledge transfer and expertise for our local partners. 

Assignments 2021/22

Volunteers contribute to various assignments in the area of audiology, strategy, operations, communication and marketing, supporting the professionalization and knowledge building of our local partners.


Field of expertise


Work location


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Volunteers 2021/22

The Hear the World team and our local project partners would like to give a big, heartfelt round of applause and thank all volunteers who have supported our work benefiting children with hearing loss in 2021/22: 


Susana Rodriguez  Thiago Diniz  Christiane de Barros Castilho  Feraz Ashraf  Marilia Botelho Sandy Makdissi  Lina Granada  Mariana de Maggio Maggi  Avinash Grubb  Mithila Poonacha  Kalyan Dasari  Janani Jeyaraman  Bettina Turnbull  Jean Anne Schnittker  Sally Arafat  Ragdah Al Aryan  Ghufran Smadi  Ahmad Baghdadi  Hussain Salmi  Eleftheria Georganti  Laurent Simon  Ryuta Yoshimatsu  Leslie Shabani  Julia Litvina  Caroline Jackson  Kirsten Mills  Jesal Patel  Parker Wilson  Melissa Caine  Violette Lavender  Bibin SB 

Contributions since 2013

Sonova launched the global volunteering program nine years ago. Since 2013, 362 dedicated Sonova group volunteers have contributed 1,617 days of work to our Foundation, adding up to over 13,000 volunteer hours.


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Support in days (cumulated)

> 13,000 hours

volunteered by Sonova Group employees since 2013